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Salon montage is located In Heart of Leesburg .It is a 900 sq ft salon and has been in the Village at Leesburg since 2010.Salon montage is Seema Dubey’s dream venture, which has came true.It is a beauty salon dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent services. Seema has really worked very hard to make sure that Salon Montage is one of the best salons in Loudoun County.Seema moved from India in 1991 with a dream to make it really big in USA.She studied cosmetology and got her license here.She started her career working in Tyson’s galleria as Stylist doing color, cuts & highlights .She has been trained by the best in the Business and makes sure that it has passed on to her team so that they give the best. She and her team specializes in doing colors,cuts, wedding hair, make up, as well south Asian weddings. Salon Montage believes in giving back to community by offering special discounts and also doing charity work for the community.


Cuts & Blow Dry

  • Women’s Hair Cuts: $55-$75 +
  • Men’s Hair Cuts: $30- $40+
  • Children’s(under 10) Hair Cuts: $25+
  • Bear Trim and eyebrows: $10-$20 +
  • Shampoo & Blow Dry: $30 – $40+


Colors and Highlights

  • Full Highlights: $110 – $125+
  • Partial Highlight: $90 – $110 +
  • Ombre and Balayage: $110 – $125+
  • Lowlights/Highlights: $130 -$150+
  • Root Touchup Color: $65- $80 +
  • All Over color: $80 – $95+


Treatments & Glazing

  • Permanent Wave: $120 – $130+
  • Relaxer: $120 – $150+
  • Brazilian Blow Out/ Keratine treatment: $250 to $400+


Corrective Color by consult

  • Toner: $25+
  • Conditioning Treatment: $25+
  • Mens Color Glaze: $30
  • Color Glazing: $30

For the Bride


    • A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. There are different events where the Bride would want to look her best. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of marriage vows by the couple, presentation of a gift (offering, ring(s), symbolic item, flowers, money), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or celebrant. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is sometimes followed by a wedding reception.

We are very glad that we can be a part of the event that is so anticipated in a brides or grooms life. Our team takes special care and efforts to make the wedding day special for them. Salon Montage specializes in Bridal hair and makeup services. We do in house dressing up for the wedding; it really helps the bride as it gives her the space and attention to details. We have the salon and the stylist booked just for the Bride. We do have special agreements for the Bridal party We also perform Updo’s & Makeup for the family members and the Bridal Party, Hair color, Hair-extensions (Natural hair), Facial including Mehendi-Heena tattoos etc. for south Asian weddings.

“We at Salon Montage believe that on your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful”.

Come see us for your bridal needs at Salon Montage located at The Village at Leesburg.

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for the bride

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Salon Montage is excited to introduce Celebrity Stylist Seema Dubey to the tristate area. Seema Dubey is the owner of Salon Montage; a high-end family owned and operated business. She follows her passion of owning her Salon while making a mark in the fashion industry.

Gift Cards

Our Gift Cards can be used to purchase any of our services in our salon and spa. They are a great gift for that special someone and here’s the best part: they never expire! They are available in amounts ranging from $25 to $200. Simply fill out the form below and finalize the purchase of gift card. All fields in the form below are required. You will receive a phone call from us to process and finalize your gift card order.

Gift Card

$ 25

Our Gift Cards can be used to purchase any of our services in our salon and spa. They are a great gift for that special someone and here’s the best part: they never expire!

Gift Card

$ 50

Our Gift Cards can be used to purchase any of our services in our salon and spa. They are a great gift for that special someone and here’s the best part: they never expire!

Gift Card

$ 75

Our Gift Cards can be used to purchase any of our services in our salon and spa. They are a great gift for that special someone and here’s the best part: they never expire!

Gift Card

$ 100

Our Gift Cards can be used to purchase any of our services in our salon and spa. They are a great gift for that special someone and here’s the best part: they never expire!

News & Events

When we talk about wedding hair and make up, there are all different thoughts we hear from our clients. They feel it is the most nerve wracking; they keep it for the last and plan it at the end. We at Salon Montage believe and tell all of our brides that on there special day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful. The wedding day being the best day in the Brides life. Here are some steps and tips for Brides from Team Salon Montage that, should be followed by a bride for her wedding preparations for hair, makeup as well as skin:

1) Its best to have your Bridal trial about three to six months prior to your wedding days so that you have time to get used to it and make changes if you need.

2) Make sure you get the most out of your trial, get the reference pictures even if its from their past work or from any other social media of hair and makeup you have in mind or send to your stylist before hand so that they have the necessary arrangements made before you get there. By showing your stylist what you like about each photo, they will be able to understand your preferences better. This is one instance when showing is probably easier than telling J

3) If any Bride has sensitive skin and is worried about the products used on her and if there’s a foundation that sits well on your skin and you feel this would look better, don’t feel hesitant to carry your products to the ARTIST. You should be 100 percent confortable with your look on your wedding day.

4) Clear Communication is very important, tell your stylist about the hair and makeup you did in the past that you disliked. If your stylist knows about it they will stay away from it and your trial will be so much more efficient.

5) Arrive with a Clean face and hair, in order to find that perfect look, get to your appointment with a clean hair and no makeup so your pros can start with a blank canvas.

6) Make sure your purchase your accessories and hair extensions beforehand; take a look at hair and makeup photos you like. If your hair is thin, short or doesn’t hold curls well, consider investing in Clip in extensions. These easily blend into your hair and help create a fuller look. If there’s a certain hair accessory you plan to incorporate, definitely bring that along in the trial.


Headbands are our favourite hair accessory; they never go out of style! Try a headband tucked around wavy or curly hair and tied with a bow for a cute, yet trendy look. A sporty headband is a comfy way to keep your hair out of your
face during a test. Wear a headband with a bow or flower for a little extra flair. The options are endless!


From sock buns to top knots, low buns to chignons, buns are an easy way to get a simple, yet sophisticated look. Throw your hair up into a bun with a few bobby pins and hairspray. This look is a quick way to not only keep your hair out of your face while studying, but is a great way to hide your hair when you forget to wash it for a few days (it happens to all of us!).


Ponytails are a smart way to style your hair, especially on a bad hair day. This hairstyle will prepare you for a long day in the classroom keeping it out of your face and off of your neck. To give your pony more volume, use a comb to
tease your hair. A low, over-the-shoulder pony can be reminiscent of the 80’s, but can also tie together your outfit for a scholarly look.


Embracing your sun-kissed, summer waves is a great way to take on back-to-school blues. Loose waves created with a curling wand and mousse make for an elegant look for any hair length. If you have bangs, it may be fun to mix up
waves throughout your hair and straight bangs; we think the contrast looks cool and edgy.

If you’re dreaming up back to school hairstyles, our team has your back. Call usto book your end of summer appointment and take on fall with a fresh style. Whether you’re looking to adopt any of these hairstyles with a
short or long ‘do, a new colour or a simple trim, we would love to discuss the latest fall hairstyle trends with you!

Wishing you all a happy back-to-school season!

Hey teachers and students ! For your first day of school, you want to look your very best. When you get your hair cut, you look good, you feel good, and you perform well. Getting your hair cut at Salon Montage located in Loudoun County Leesburg Virginia is just the start to get on the right foot for school. Your appearance means everything based on how you utilize your educational skills.

School is back in session!

Are your children ready for their first day? Whether they’re starting kindergarten or heading off to high school, they may be anxious seeing all their classmates. Making a statement with an updated hairstyle or haircut is just as important as getting the right books, supplies, and backpack.

New Look, New Feel, New Beginnings New hair Cuts

When your kid gets a hairstyle that showcases their personality, they’ll be able to walk the halls with confidence. Salon Montage stays promoting up-to-date hair trends, so we’ll be able to give a unique haircut that’ll help teachers and students start the year off with style.

Salon Montage Back-to-school Hair Colors

Seema Dubey is a professional celebrity hairstylist, one of her biggest professions is hair coloring. Teachers life is too short to have boring hair…Boring’ hair is subjective. It doesn’t mean you have to have bright rainbow mermaid hair…it means having hair that YOU  love!

Whether it be a beautiful chocolate brown, luscious red or even your natural color with a cut that makes you feel beautiful, make sure its something that’s you. Salon Montage offers all clients to show they’re desired color style, whether having a color retouch or switching you natural hair color to a color that you know will fit you.

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