Schedule smart:

Book your trial day six months before your wedding so you have time to make readjustments to your look. Also when you leave on the trial day, you’ll be all glammed up, so you don’t want to sit idle around the house. Schedule the appointment as the same day as your dress fittings, a party or just a fun night with your friends.

Bring in your go to makeup products.

Is there primer or a foundation that you swear by? Bring it with you at the day of the trial so that our makeup artists can know your preference. The more information you share with our makeup artist, the more you will feel comfortable with the overall look at your wedding day.

Find pictures that inspire you.

You can always create a board of pictures of hair and makeup you like on pinterest. The color of eye shadow or a structured updo that inspires you. It is always better to show a picture to the makeup artist for a better understanding.

Bring in the accessories:

What’s better than being unambiguous about the wedding day look?! On the day of the trial, we recommend bringing all that you have that would help create the perfect look for the wedding day. You have the veil? Bring it on.  You think your hair are short or thin and you dream for a thicker fuller glossy mane, bring in the clip in Hair Extensions. You have a hair accessory that you would want with your hairstyle, bring it along. Even if you don’t have the hair accessory then and think of buying it later then let the hairstylist know beforehand.

Clean face and hair:

Arrive with a clean face and moisturized and washed hair so that the stylists can start on a fresh canvas. Also, come in with a buttoned up shirt for your ease.

These tips will help you to get the best look for your wedding day. Take the benefit of the trial day and take notes how your curls hold up, if you need that extra hair spray on your hair or you need the touch up on the lips or the cheeks and let the stylist know on the wedding day. After all, we want you to look like an absolute queen when you say ‘I Do’.